Friday, March 1, 2013

Freezer Friday: Martha Stewart Edition

Holy carp I need to cook some things so I can post delicious recipes for you!  My freezer is still so full of things. :(

Back to the topic at hand:  Martha Stewart has bunches of freezer-friendly recipes on her website.  Go there and look at all the nommy things!

Empanadas.  The downside of this recipe is that it only makes 8.  What gives Martha?  Empanadas take work and you might as well make 40 if you are going to make 8.  Empanadas, get in my mouth!
Eggplant Parmesan
Broccoli Calzones though I would personally skip the broccoli bit and add pepperoni and cheese or spinach, chicken, and feta or something else equally delicious.  Who wants a pocket of broccoli?  No one!
Meatballs!  I always have good luck with meatballs.  They help you create a delicious last minute meal.
French Onion Soup:  The easiest way to store soup is by filling freezer bags and freezing them flat.  Put the freezer bag in or around a bowl of similar size and pour the soup in.  Then seal it and put the bag in the freezer laying flat.  The soup will be perfectly stackable then. :)
I'm so glad the weekend is finally here!  I need to catch up on my housekeeping, cooking, and sewing.

Enjoy your weekend!

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