Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Free Craftsy Course!

If you ever wanted to take a Craftsy course and just couldn't afford it or life got in the way, here's your opportunity to take one for free!  FREE!!!  Just click or type http://www.craftsy.com/classes to take you to all the classes!  It says "Free" instead of giving a price.  (Obviously if it doesn't say free, the offer expired or you already signed up for your one free class.)

The couture dress class has so much great information for fitting and adjusting your pattern pieces.

I enrolled in the Jean-ius class several months ago and I listened to most of the lessons.  There is lots of prep work involved in this project, but that is all to ensure you get the perfect finished item.  I'm getting sized out of the market and haven't bought new jeans in many years.  I needed this class.

I decided to enroll in Shoot It! for my free class.  It's normally $49.99, so I thought it was quite the bargain.  I should be able to listen and watch and put the lessons right into practice.

Go get a free class!  Have a great week,

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