Monday, February 25, 2013

Sewing biweekly update: blue silk dress

I didn't reach my goal of getting eight items listed in my etsy shop.  I'm trying to finesse the patterns I'm going to use and that just takes so much time getting the prototypes together and then making up the inventory items.  So much work!  My lineup so far includes a cute fabric purse, those ditty bags I posted last week (in 3-4 sizes), and a basket tote.

My blue silk dress is in time out right now.  The bust dart ended up in the wrong place on my boob when I made the shoulder adjustment.  Lame!  The dress is over in the corner thinking about what it's done.  I'm going to draft a muslin of just this piece and recut the left front bodice piece if I can't make the changes on the one I've already cut. 

I really need to get something finished soon.  I hate the weeks when it seems like you work and work and work on a project and don't have anything to show for your efforts.

Have a great week everyone!

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