Monday, February 11, 2013

elle Little Shop!

I decided to open an etsy shop!  This was a hard decision for me to make.  It's that marble that's been rolling around in my head for years.  I just decided now was the time--the exact moment I'm slammed at my regular work and don't have much free time for anything.

I am working on the prototypes, if you will, of what I will be selling in the shop.  So far I have two sizes of these zip-up ditty bags.  They really hold everything--makeup, camera, phone, a change of clothes (but not jeans, lol), wallet, etc.  I also have thoughts of making divided baskets, grocery bags, carry-all totes, clutches, and wallets.  

I need to turn all this fabric (and much more) into stuff!  Picspam to follow:
The pink one is the larger size.  I just stuffed it with 12 fat quarters to give you an idea of the amount of room.  It is also roomy enough for 100g of yarn, though zippers + yarn = danger zone.  I'll work on something for the yarns that won't threaten your wollmeise.

The smaller brown one only holds 50g of yarn comfortably, though this one seems much less threatening to the yarn.  The larger one might need to be made a bit taller so it can be more of a true knitting project bag.  What do you think?  If I made the handle bigger to fit around the wrist, it could be a more portable project bag.  One could just pull the project out and leave the zipper open slightly and walk and talk and knit.  Hmmm.  Thinking out loud.

What do you look for in a project bag/stuff sack/tote bag/wallet/wristlet?  Please let me know! 

My goal is to get 8 bags listed on etsy by my birthday--February 21. 

Have a great week!

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