Wednesday, June 4, 2014

MMM14: Week 5

I've been out of town, so this one's a little late.

I wore my Clowning Around Hazel on Monday, with a cardigan of course.  I need to take the straps in a bit.  They always grow and grow and grow when I wear this dress. 

On Wednesday, I wore my (unblogged) McCall's 6027 with Coach pumps.

I also wore my black lady skater on Saturday, but I didn't take any photos of me in that along my travels.

I did really well!  I made my goal of wearing at least 2 me made items per week and even took some older, not often worn styles out of the closet.   That red dress doesn't get worn much because it has the low front and back that I hate so much.  It looks fabulous, but the straps don't stay up.

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