Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Fashion Plate: Perky in Polka Dots

I've had lingerie on the brain lately.  Making underwear is a thing on my bucket list.  It needs to happen.  I'm sure once I get the first pair under my belt (lol), it won't be a THING anymore.  I love and secretly covet all of ohhhlulu's patterns, which is why I chose the Grace hipster pattern for this week's fashion plate.  It's all about details, so you can tape the side pieces together and redraw the side seams.  You'll need one of the extra seam allowances from the side piece to give you enough fabric for the tucks. I went with this jewel jersey knit in red from fabric.com.  The lace detail on the leg bands is an afterthought detail.  You can see that it was sewn directly on top of the fabric before the crotch gusset was added.  Lingerie is amazing because you need basically no fabric.  You could probably make 2 pairs of underwear with 1/2 yard of fabric depending on your size.  An hour or so and a tiny bit of fabric and you can have your own version of ModCloth's Perky in Polka Dots undies!

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