Monday, August 18, 2014

Souvenir Fabric: Las Vegas

 I HAD to go to Heddy's fabric in Las Vegas.  Given that this shop is the big supplier for all the fabric for shows on the strip, it seemed like Heddy's was the go to place for lingerie and swimwear fabrics.  It was.  I only left with 3 lengths of fabric.  Believe me, it was hard to leave with just that much.  They had some gorgeous Italian cotton I wanted, loads of stretch lace yardage, plenty of knits, about 300 different kinds of 4-way stretch fabric in solids and prints, bridal fabrics, a wall of silks, a shelf of tweeds, and on and on and on.  If you like fabric--especially unique fabric--definitely check Heddy's out.

My first selection is this raspberry 4-way stretch lycra.  I bought a yard of this to make a bombshell swimsuit.  I'm half expecting to have enough fabric left over to make a bikini too.  I think this is 108" selvedge to selvedge.  

This fabric was hella expensive.  I paid $27.49 for one yard.  I'm planning to make a bikini similar to ohhhlulu's zooey pattern. I prefer bandeau tops, so I'll have to modify or draft a top of my own.  I almost bought a remnant of white lycra fabric for the contrast, but I really didn't need almost a yard of white lycra too.  I can quite possibly use the raspberry leftovers for the contrast if I want.   We'll see.

Look at the detail of this fabric!  I love it.  The glitter is weird.  I didn't see it coming off in the store when I was browsing, which is why I bought it.  I'm noticing some glitter on my hands after taking these photos though and this is disappointing.  I'm hoping it's just transfer from the cutting counter.  There was a guy buying glittery pink fabric for a custom dress next to me.  That guy was really cool.  He actually designs and makes costumes for some of the shows on the strip.

Another of my favorite rayon/spandex knits. This length cost me about $15 total.  The color was different than anything I've seen locally, so I grabbed it up.

I'd also had a hard time finding stretch lace locally.  I'm planning to make Butterick 6031 soon.  Heddy's had a huge selection of lingerie elastic, both foldover and picot among others.  They had many different colors available and I heard from another customer than notions at Heddy's are cheaper than those at JoAnn's.

Do you buy souvenir fabric or yarn?  Leave me a link to your FOs in the comments. 

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