Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Fashion Plate: Twinkling at Twilight

I'm on my way to Vegas tomorrow!  I put this fashion plate together based on what I think I would wear on a fancy date (or something) in Las Vegas.  I love ModCloth's Twinkling at Twilight dress.  Mostly, I love the back cutout.  I think low backs look funny on me right now given all my weird tan lines from running, but that doesn't mean I can't dream!  The bodice shaping is weird on the ModCloth dress.  It doesn't use darts or princess seams at all.  Instead, the middle of the bodice has slight ruching for shaping.  I chose the Belledone pattern for this fashion plate.  I know it isn't a perfect match, but I'm playing off my favorite feature.  I found this gold brocade on Mood and I would totally make this dress in this fabric if money were no object.  Besides, "It's Vegas, Baby!" 

I'm looking forward to visiting Heddy's fabric while I have the rental car on Saturday.  I'm specifically going to look for swimwear and lingerie fabric.  I figure Heddy's outfits Vegas, so she'll have whatever I need in the stretchy fabrics department.  I don't think I mentioned my actual itinerary on the blog before?  I'm camping at the Grand Canyon on Thursday & Friday nights, hence the need for a rental car.  I'll be staying in Vegas Saturday through Tuesday-ish.  I'm still trying to determine what to fill my Vegas days with cost-benefit wise.  Everything seems so expensive.  :-/

Happy Tuesday and enjoy your week!

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