Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wednesday Woecakes! Or the things I'm lusting after

Who here loves ModCloth?  ::me!me!meee!:: ModCloth is just filled with inspiration if you are a sewist/crafter/lover of vintage things.  I saw this dress and I absolutely love it!  It's so much fun.  I love the swiss dot details on the mesh.  I love the starfish and shells embroidery.  I love the illusion neckline.  I love the pleats.  I would be seriously tempted to drop $125 on this dress, except it doesn't come in my size. :(  That's okay, though.  There are plenty of patterns that have this neckline going on (Simplicity 4070 comes to mind) and the skirt is easy enough to replicate.  I'll be ready to make my own version when the right fabric comes along!
Seashell We Dance

Gertie's New Book for Better Sewing
To be honest, I'll probably have purchased this book by the time this post goes live.  Just sayin'  Have you been to Gertie's blog? If not, don't.  You will fall into the abyss. (Kidding, kidding.  There is tons of great info on the blog.)  The book is packed with couture techniques and 10 patterns for wardrobe essentials, updated from the 1950s version for the modern lady. 

The Sophia carry-all bag by Amy Butler
Another design I love.  I think I would make this in a really fun Michael Miller or Alexander Henry print.  I do love those pin-up girls.
Pin Ups Aloha Girls
Yeah.  The root beer float.  I stopped drinking soda a few years ago.  Every now and then I crave root beer hard.  I might break down and have a glass at the superbowl party this weekend.  We'll see.  Speaking of the superbowl party, I'm making bacon cheese twisty things and maple cheesecake cupcakes with candied bacon.  The latter is only if I have time.  I have a basic cheesecake ratio that I use and I'll have to tweak my recipe a bit when I add the maple syrup.  I'll probably end up adding flour when I add the maple syrup to keep the right consistency.  Hey, potential new recipes for you guys to look out for!

Happy hump day!

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