Sunday, May 4, 2014

FO: Black Lady Skater Dress

"LB Lady Skater"

Just the Facts:
Fabric:  about 1.5 yards of black 95% rayon/5% spandex knit from JoAnn's  $10
Notions:  Thread from stash, clear elastic
Pattern:  Lady Skater
Year:  modern ~2013
Time to Complete:  longer than it should have--I think 4 hours because I picked it up and put it down so many times
First Worn:  March 9, 2014
Wear Again:  yes again and again and again
Total Cost:  $11 not including the pattern
I've made a few things since my last FO post.  Just a few though.  I cut out this black lady skater in January I think.  It took me ages to finish it.

This is about the time I realized I was wearing a scarf. I had just finished this scarf too.  I think it's my favorite yet.  It's facing lillies stole in a great silk by Dye for Yarn.  So many nupps.

It's always so gloomy in my photos.  For the sunshine state, Florida does get a lot of rain.

I wear this dress all the time.  Maybe not every single week, but probably once every 10 days.  I think it is my favorite me made garment yet.  It's so comfy and effortless to put on and go and I can change the look by  wearing different shoes or scarves or jewelry or whatever.  I've even worn this same green scarf, but doubled it and knotted it to change my neckline.  That looked pretty fab too.

I don't like those upper side boob wrinkles.  Do you think I may need a larger size in the shoulders?  The shoulders seem to fall on the right line.

Less wrinkles on the back this time.  I graded down to the 2 in the waist like I said I would after I made my first lady skater.  I like this version much better.  The hem is still shorter than I would like, but I don't really notice how short it is when I'm wearing the dress.  It must not be so bad.

This flowy skirt is really really pretty and I love it.  That said, I have to take note of when we are going to have  a windy day because my skirt gets all kinds of Marilyn Monroe in a gust.  I channel my inner Marilyn often enough.  I don't need to do it walking into a client's office or a meeting or the grocery store, TYVM.

A closet full of lady skaters, that's what I need.  It's perfect timing that my favorite knit blend at JoAnn's just became available in a bunch more colors.  Oh wait.  No fabric purchases until the end of September.  Yeah.

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