Monday, May 12, 2014

FO: Lady in Red

"Lady in Red"

Just the Facts:
Fabric:  1 yard of red 95% rayon/5% spandex knit from JoAnn's  $7
Notions:  Thread from stash, clear elastic
Pattern:  Lady Skater
Year:  modern ~2013
Time to Complete:  probably 4 hours because I mistakenly bought the wrong length of fabric and I had to get really creative when cutting the pieces.  That took probably 2 hours by itself.  I was NOT buying more fabric for this dress.
First Worn:  March 9, 2014
Wear Again:  yes again and again and again
Total Cost:  $7 not including the pattern

Lady Skaters are, in fact, taking over my closet.

I decided to try a different place in my yard for photos this time.  The sun is right there first thing in the morning.  Directly on my right shoulder is my crab apple tree and a bit further to my right is an apple tree.  Those were here before I got here and the branches are all kinds of unruly.  I do what I can to get them back in shape each year.  I have a few more baby fruit trees behind me too.

Enough about the trees.  This dress was quite a challenge for me to make because I didn't buy the right amount of fabric.  In order for me to fit everything, I had to get incredibly creative with pattern placement.  Nary a scrap of fabric was wasted.

This is my Victoria's Secret shot.  I love the sunspots on some of these photos!

I don't have much to say about the construction of this dress that I haven't already said before.  It gets easier ever time.  I don't think I referenced the instructions at all.  I'm still using the size 3 for the bodice and sleeves and size 2 for the skirt, grading down to the 2 at the waist.

I got so many compliments wearing this dress.  Well, I still get compliments every time I wear this dress.  Someone told me I looked stunning in my red dress.  

I think it's the perfect shade of red for me.  The higher hem is growing on me.  I love the shape and silhouette of this dress.

This is quite literally all the fabric left of my yard after cutting the pattern pieces.  I cut the long sleeve cuff pattern piece because I thought it would simply leave me with a narrower cuff on my 3/4 length sleeve.  I was mistaken.  The cuffs are the same height with a narrower horizontal width on the long sleeve.  I had to S-T-R-E-T-C-H the cuff when I was sewing it on the sleeve.  That was my only true construction problem once I had all the pattern pieces cut out.  I could have cut the cap sleeves, but I don't like that style as much on this dress.  I'm glad it worked in the end!

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