Thursday, May 15, 2014

Orange Beach Sea Turtle Half Marathon February 15,2014

The Sea Turtle half was my February race (obviously).  I think I mentioned before that I am going to run a half marathon every month this year?  So this was #2 for the year.  My time was not that great--I think I ran it in 2:40 or so.  My hip flexor was being weird and I ended up walking most of the last 5 miles.

A little about the race:  The race started and ended at The Hangout in Orange Beach, AL.  This was the first time the event organizer has added a half marathon run to the already very popular annual Sweetheart 5K they have every year.  I paid $35 for this race, which is pretty low in raceland.  I could tell it was the first half by how unorganized the race was.  I guess it's hard to get enough volunteers for such a small race?  The course map only had 3 water stations along the 13.1 mile route.  Even if you aren't a runner, that's NOT ENOUGH water.  I tend to only drink water 3-4 times along the race, but if I'm thirsty, I want to be able to count on water being around.  I bought a running belt with add-on water attachments for when I run at home and I brought that with me for the race.  I'm very glad I did.  It was kind of like a safety net along the course.  I normally drink water after mile 5, 8, 10, and sometimes the last water stop around 11 or 12.  There was water at around 2, 7, 9, and one other mile I don't remember, so not terribly off my normal mileage.  I sucked down my gatorade at mile 5 with my first ever GU (that stuff is weird by the way).  After the race was the best part.  FREE FOOD!  I also got a pretty sweet medal.

Minutes after cross the finish line, probably looking like I just ran a half marathon.
My bib and medal.

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