Wednesday, July 17, 2013

WIP: Colette Chantilly

This is actually my second time making this pattern.  I cut out this white swiss dot fabric almost a YEAR ago and never started sewing it up.  How annoying?  I don't even remember what I was up to that made me put sewing aside.  I didn't make much of anything after I cut this pattern out.  Anyway...
This is the fabric.  These are actually skirt pieces--super sheer, right?
 I thought I would share some other quick sewing tricks I have.  You know to wind two bobbins before you start sewing, but if I'm using white or black, I keep the empty bobbin and a second spool of thread right there to be able to wind a new bobbin quickly.  Here's my old sewing machine too.  It's a Singer 401A that I inherited from my grandmother.  I call the machine Josie after my grandmother.
 The freezer paper is making an appearance again.  I trace all my tissue patterns on freezer paper instead of cutting the tissue.  I don't like using tracing wheels to mark my pattern pieces because the tracing wheel can puncture delicate fabrics such as the one I'm using for this Chantilly.  Instead, I cut one leg of the dart open on the pattern and mark it with my chalk pen that way.  You should be able to see my pink markings near my finger in this photo.

 I'm sure this isn't old news, but I'm sharing anyway.  It's easiest for me to pin my hems by folding the entire hem allowance--1/2" in this case--and steaming a crease into it.  I work section by section with my ruler and my iron this way.  Once I crease a section, I pull the pins back up and fold the frayed edge to the crease and repin.  This method works extremely well for me and I don't have to worry about measuring twice.  Shortcuts!  These photos actually show the Chantilly lining skirt.  Sometimes I hate having to make two identical dresses to get one finished object.  Annoying.  Ain't nobody got time for that!

I can't wait to post the finished dress!


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