Wednesday, July 31, 2013

WIP: Colette Hazel

I guess WIP Wednesday is a theme, huh?  I'm currently working on a Colette Hazel that I'm making out of one of my souvenir fabrics from Nicaragua.  It's going to be in the blue and white striped fabric from this post.  Since this is a new pattern for me, I had to start by adjusting the bust like I always do.

I started out by cutting the bodice pieces out of this sheet ($1.99 at the Waterfront Rescue Mission!), transferring the markings, and sewing the pieces up.
 I normally prefer to make my draft out of a solid fabric, but this one was big and cheap.  I can handle the extra difficulty of finding markings and such.  It doesn't make for good photos though.  End tangent.  You can barely tell I made any adjustments at all in this photo and the one below.  I needed to adjust the bust curve ever so slightly on both sides.  I don't have a before and after picture for evidence, but trust me that the 1/4" adjustment I made makes a huge difference in the fit.  When I cut my fashion fabric, I will just mark the new stitching line on the pattern piece and my fabric and stitch there instead of creating a whole new piece.  That just isn't necessary here.

Colette patterns are made for a C-cup bust.  I am a C, but I'm very narrow and I normally need to pull some fabric out of the Colette bust pieces.  In addition to that tiny adjustment I made above, I extended the bust darts inward approximately 3/4."  I had a little point when I tried the bodice on and the dart is supposed to end just before the nipple.

I need to sew something other than dresses.  As much fun as dresses are, I just can't wear only those every day.  I think I'll give the Colette Laurel a try after I finish this Hazel!


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