Monday, November 18, 2013

FO: Sabrina Slippers

"Sabrina Slippers"
Just the Facts:
Fabric:  used my remnants from another project of 27" of Michael Miller Houndstooth in teal.  I guess I'll say these took a fat quarter's worth?  $1.50
Notions:  Thread from stash
Pattern:  ithinksew Sabrina
Year:  modern ~2013
Time to Complete:  A long time--much longer than they should have
First Worn:  November 16, 2013
Wear Again:  yup
Total Cost:  $5.00 including the pattern 

I love love love this fabric times eleventy billion.   It's fun and unassuming and it makes me incredibly happy to look at my feet with the slippers on!

These turned out fairly well in spite of my initial problems.  I ended up unpicking the seams I made on my first straps, sewing the cut pieces back together, and refinishing the straps.  This was more work than really necessary, but I didn't have enough fabric to cut 4 more straps.  I had to do the best I could with what I had.  I made my fudged up straps the vertical one that goes from the toe to the other strap.

The pattern is available in whole sizes only from 5-11.  I happen to wear a 6.5 normally, though I often choose the 6 when shoes are only available in whole sizes.  The 6 sole pattern looked like it wouldn't give me enough room in the toes, so I decided to go with the 7 to start.  In order to slim down the shoes a bit, I used a 1/2" seam allowance around the toes and the sides, gradually decreasing to 1/4" in the heel.  I think that worked quite well, though I have no room for socks should I want to wear those with the slippers.
Excuse all the random threads.  I unpicked the seams several times while making these because I wanted to get my curves right.  I like that the slippers are slightly higher in the back.  This will help keep them on my feet.  The side straps close with velcro.  I find the velcro isn't necessary for me as the slippers just slip right on and off.

Overall, I like the finished object.  The project was actually a challenge for me.  The toes and heels were quite difficult to stitch around while maintaining an even and smooth seam.  That fabric liked to bunch up.  Something that probably wasn't necessary, but I thought provided for a nicer finish, was stitching all along the sole of the slipper.  One has to leave a turning hole on the outside of the fabric and stitch that up at the end.  I prefer not to handstitch, so I pinned that seam down and stitched close to the side seam with a 1/8" seam allowance.

That's it for today!  Have a fabulous week.  See you back tomorrow for another Fashion Plate.

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