Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I can't believe I'm training for a half marathon

Here's a random Wednesday post for ya.  I consider myself to be relatively in shape.  I used to be really big into weightlifting--I would do bicep curls with 30 pound dumbbells at 4'11" and 115 pounds and deadlift my weight.  A whole bunch of things happened at once and I just fell out of weightlifting.  So here I am, embarking on Run Day 2.  I'm curious how this training will change my body, if at all, and I'm going to post some progress photos along the way over the next couple months/6 weeks.  Gah!  Stupid run is in 6 weeks and 4 days!

Whelp.  Here I am.  Deets:
Starting weight:  106.6 lbs
Waist:  27"
Thigh:  19"
Calf:  13"
Hip at the bone:  33"
Hip at the fullest part:  36"

I'm smiling because I like the smile detector.  It always takes the best pictures.  I also wanted to show off my sweet new shoes.  Ryan picked them out for me.  I overlooked them because PINK.  I don't want pink shoes.  But they are super comfy and look mostly white when they are on my feet.

Saucony Kinvara.  Totally badass shoes.  The guy making my training program suggested some awful shoes.  He said the Kinvaras are for advanced runners, which I am most certainly not.  He also forgets that my shoes that are not flip flops are Vibrams.  I'm used to the light weight and not pillowy shoes.  These were a good choice for me.  I ran 5 miles on Monday in them.

And something sewing related:  I started making a pair of slippers last night.  I'm seriously disappointed in the instructions.  Maybe it's just me, but the photos are not helpful.  Protip:  Don't photo black and white shoes for use in your picture instructions.  I can't see SHIT.  There are also some errors on the pattern pieces themselves.  Like it says Cut 2 of something you really need 4 of.  You use the same pattern piece for 2 different pieces.  I cut 2 and was really confused.  The pictures were not helpful because the second piece looked really short against the black background.  I thought that for sure I was supposed to cut along the line on that pattern piece.  I wasn't.  I did buy that last yard of this Michael Miller houndstooth fabric from  It ended up being only 27."  And then got more in stock.  I'll have to see how my budget shakes out for November to see if I can buy more of it.  


Have a good one, 


  1. You're just one of those tiny little power houses, aren't you? It takes me 15 minutes to "run" a mile on an elliptical...but I'm also significantly bigger than you.

    Also, black and pink running shoes and I hate pink. But they're comfortable. It also meant breaking my moratorium on Nike...

  2. I wouldn't call myself a powerhouse, but the muscles and strength thing is genetic. You should see my dad! I've always had big legs and muscley arms, even when I was really young. I ran 12-minute miles, so it took me an hour to run 5. My trainer wanted me to be consistent with my pace, so I picked 5mph because it was slightly faster than a walking pace. Running was HARD! I don't run. It's been at least 2 years since I got on a treadmill. I'm committed now. Ryan has me pegged. He was telling the rest of the group that I hate spending money and since I already paid for the run, I was not going to back out. This was after he forced me to switch from the 5K.

    I don't have a problem with pink so much, but I just don't want bright pink marshmallows on my feet. I saw a two boxes of Mr. Bubble when I looked down at my feet in pink shoes. That's not motivating at all! Do you have an outlet mall near where you live? I got my shoes at the Saucony outlet and they were only $35. They were having a Veteran's Day sale and 30% off everything.

    1. We're genetically large in my family (German farm stock) I've always had the big legs and could dead lift like a linebacker (and did).

      I think half my problem is that I find running kind of boring. It never entertained me. Running laps for basketball and softball and soccer and such was just boring.

      We probably have outlet shops but I haven't looked...I should maybe do that.