Sunday, November 24, 2013

I Think I Can, I Think I Can

I'm chugging along with this running thing just like the Little Engine That Could.  My longest run so far is 7 miles.  I stretch a lot in my Pilates class twice a week, which is conveniently on my running days, but I somehow managed to not stretch my IT band enough and tweaked my knee.  (I keep wanting to say twerk. Thanks Obama Miley!)  The knee injury sucks.  I've been sore a lot lately and feeling like being sore all the time is my life for the next 5 weeks.

New measurements:
Weight:  105.6 lbs
Waist:  26.5"
Thigh:  18.5"
Calf:  13.5"
Hip at the bone:  33"
Hip at the fullest part:  36.5"
Interesting. . . 

I think the weight loss and corresponding inches loss is mostly due to not being able to keep down any food after my Saturday runs.  I am okay on the treadmill at the gym, but after I finish my Saturday runs, I vomit a few hours later.  The first time, I thought it was because of the whiskey I had on Friday.  I don't drink hard liquor very often and I can see that being rough on my stomach.  I was feeling fine after my second Saturday run.  I ate something and I even helped Ryan paint the kitchen a bit before I decided I couldn't stand the smell of myself and took a shower. I am either literally allergic to running or I need to deal with my stench for much longer after runs because I got nauseous not long after showering.  I know water changes your internal business somehow--the organs absorb that water so it makes you feel different.  It might be the water and pressure on my organs from the shower that is making my already funky innards even more funky.  I'll see what happens next run.  Stand back, I'm gonna try science. 

This is how I feel right now--5 weeks left.

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  1. I'm not sure I can even run on pavement anymore. And we live in San Francisco (okay, we live in the Bay Area)...lots of hills and I'm not in shape. Running uphill just doesn't seem fun to me. Oh well. Ellipticals are nicer to me anyway.