Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Fashion Plate: There's No Business Like Snow Business

Fashion Plate: There's No Business Like Snow Business

I totally blew off last week's Fashion Plate.  Sorry about that.  This week, I'm taking ModCloth's No Business Like Snow Business as my inspiration for a holiday-themed dress.  Should you be so daring as to wear white to a holiday party, grab a copy of Simplicity 4070 and a couple/few yards each of this stretch cotton sateen (gawd I love that stuff) and this white floral lace from fabric.com and swiftly put one of these dresses together!  I used the bodice pattern for my apron and it went together very smoothly.  I did adjust the bust lines slightly from the pattern, but that was easy to simply mark on the fabric and stitch along my markings.

If white isn't your thing, here's a red combo: 

Red stretch cotton sateen
cherry stretch lace

I need to go on a spending hiatus for a while.  I spent so much money over the weekend.  I work at the Gap every year for Black Friday and I spent all my profits and then some!  As the year is kinda closing out, I need to get a list of my goals for 2014--the primary one being to pay off all my student loan debt.  It's going to be tight.  I might have to go cold cotton or something!  I actually don't like diets or spending freezes of any kind because I find that deprivation creates resentment (yes I realize how weird that sounds given that I am me and I am resenting myself).  It isn't really resentment of myself in as much as it's resenting the budget and being so strict.  I find it easier to keep within my budget if I do allow myself to spend a little bit on trivial things.

How I felt the last week:
such work
many noise
most people
Happy Tuesday readers!

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