Monday, January 27, 2014

Destin Bayou, Bay, & Back January 25, 2014

I ran my second half marathon this past Saturday!  It was amazing!  First, I'm in line for the toilet (as you do before a long run) and one of my friends was right behind me.  She moved away a couple years ago and I had no idea she was going to be in town.  I ran with her & her dad for about the first 5 miles.  They pace about a minute faster than I do and I couldn't keep up that pace any longer.  It was awesome running and catching up with her for an hour on the trail. 

This is the Bayou part of the race.  As you can tell, it was overcast at the start of the run and it remained that way all day long.  It was cold too!

Here I am just before the start of the race.  The above-mentioned friend's husband took this picture of me.  We have more photos of us together, but they are gubmint and I don't think they need to have their photos splashed all over the internet.  This purple jacket is going to be a permanent fixture in my running wardrobe if it doesn't warm up sometime soon.  It was a great $14 splurge at Target.  :)

We ran over the Destin bridge and across to Okaloosa Island on the bay side.  The boardwalk is on the Gulf of Mexico side. I stopped to take a few pictures along the way.  Whatever.  It's my run.  I do what I want!

Action shot!

Florida does too have mountains!  I wish it wasn't so overcast and dreary because those sand dunes really are snow white.

Gulf of Mexico.  Cold cold Gulf of Mexico.

Here I am a couple minutes after finishing.  I look remarkably the same.  It doesn't even look like my hair moved.  I know this is the end because I have a finisher's medal.  See?


I'm starting a collection.  It's pretty much the greatest thing ever.

I finished in 2:34 this time, which is a full 15 minutes faster than my last race time.  I guess running people call that a personal record?  I'm having a hard time calling myself a runner.  Emily (the friend) said to me during the run that she found it hard to believe that I was never a runner because I'm That Fit Girl--the person people look to for guidance in kickboxing and tips on proper form and similar stuff.  I told Emily that I'm not a runner because I hate running.  She gave me the side-eye and said, "you realize you're running, right?"  I know, Em, I'm a running contradiction.

And with that, my next half marathon is February 15th. 


  1. I played All The Sports in middle and high school but I hated running. Seriously, I played volleyball, basketball, tennis, soccer, and softball during the course of those six years. Aside from volleyball, they all require at least a small amount of running.

    I think what it was, for me, is that I found plain running to be rather boring. I needed something else to do so that I wouldn't think about the running part.

    Congrats on finishing 15 minutes faster :) That's a pretty big improvement!

    1. I still hate running. At least I say I do. I enjoy running on the treadmill at the gym because I get to read my kindle for hours. I finished 3 books so far. It's great! It's found time.

      My friend Emily would tell you volleyball requires running too! She got a scholarship to play at Michigan while she got her undergrad.