Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Florida SNOWPACOLYPSE 2014!!

There isn't any actual snow yet, which is quite unfortunate since it's been a while since I've seen any snow.  I don't know what I would do in the snow...nonetheless, it would be pretty cool.  Here's what I came home to yesterday at about 4:30.

Icicles everywhere!  Growing up in the Poconos, we'd always leave some hanging to see how long they got.  Sometimes they went from the gutters to just a foot or two off the ground!  I don't expect these icicles to last to Friday, let alone get long enough to reach the ground.  Southern living at it's finest.

The branches of all the trees are hanging so low from the weight of the ice.  The branches of this tree are normally 8 feet up.  Still low relatively speaking, but not scraping the ground low! I'm concerned the suddenly low-hanging branches will damage my roof.  I have branches scraping overhead right now.

Frozen deck.  My dog was unsure what to do with himself.  The stairs were suddenly very confusing.  This bit of ice was from around 8pm.

Basically all the lower branches on the live oak trees in my frontish yard are brushing the ground now.

Ice balls falling out of the sky.  (sorry about the water spots on the lens.  It happens.)

This is my wisteria arbor.  Wisteria is like the lilac of the south. It's usually close to flowering this time of year.

Sad, sad leaves.

Frozen magnolia tree

Ice balls of ice.  I'm told this is sleet.  It is NOT snow.  :(

We really do wear flip flops year-round in Florida.

The rest of these photos are from about 9:30pm.

Ice and sand.  

Handfuls of ice

It's a perfect evening to lay under my electric blanket and knit.  This is the facing lilies stole pattern and I'm using Dye for Yarn tussah silk in Absinthe.  I wear scarves all the time and I need more of them!

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  1. Yeah, that's not snow (says the girl that grew up in southern Wisconsin). However, if you get sleet that's fine enough, it can look like snow. That almost looks like really fine hail (but I know it's not that either). We don't get stuff like that here. It would have to rain first (damn drought!), and then get cold enough. Oh well, I don't mind not having wintery weather one bit. We can always go to Tahoe to see that :)