Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Finished: Half Marathon Biggest Loser Style

I DID IT!!  I finished the half-marathon and did not pass out and die (though my absence might make you think otherwise).  The race was actually loads of fun, in spite of how much of a mess I look like in some of these photos. 

The race was put on by Biggest Loser, as if NBC didn't make that quite obvious!

Here I am at the finish.  I have this serious WTF? face going on because this woman put her hand up in front of her, like stop, and then thrust it out towards me.  Lady.  I don't want to touch you!  It was really awkward.  My official "chip" time was something like 2:49, not 2:52.

Here's the high five lady again.  My brain must be messed up because I was SURE she was telling me to stop.  Lol! I just ran 13.12 miles.  Give me a break!

I love this photo.  It's my favorite I think.  Even though I'm out of focus, it perfectly captures my spirit of the race.

I look so bad in this picture.  The finish line is in sight!

Another bad photo.  I might have been just starting or stopping a run interval.  I had a really good pace for the first 5.5 miles.  I was running 11:45 minute miles, which is slow, but manageable for me.  Any faster and I would tire really quickly.  After the first 5 miles, I decided I would give myself a mini-break and walk 3 minutes and run 9.  That was going okay until I got to a bridge.  I didn't know there was a bridge on this run.  All my momentum was gone at that point.  Stupid bridge.

It was cold for Florida standards at 50-something when the race started and 60-something at the end.  I wore pants and a jacket.  Great decision.  The sleeves got kind of annoying during, but I had pockets for my phone and my cough drops.

Another horibad photo.  Check out my other sweet shoes though.  Totally badass.  I love them.

One of my favorite songs had just come on my phone.  I was totally rocking out and loving it and that moment. The song is "I'm A Falcon" by Tornado Rider

Look at all these people that showed up!  It was a great event and all the volunteers and police who were out there were so helpful and friendly and kept all the runners safe.  I made sure to thank everyone I could as I was running past.

Now that the run is over, I need to compare the body changes.  I didn't take a new photo to compare side by side, so I'll just have to do the measurements.  I took these measurements the day after the race, but I'm using my day before weight because I didn't have an appetite after the race and I was positive I lost even more weight because of that.

Weight:  Started at 106.6; currently 104.4
Waist:   Was 27"; currently 26.5" (I think my skinniest possible waist is 26.25")
Hips:  Was 33"; still 33" (not surprising because I measured at the bone)
Butt:  Was 36"; currently 35"
Thigh:  Was 19"; currently 19.5"
Calf:  Was 13"; currently 13.25"

I lost 2 pounds and a total of 3/4" so far.  Because I'm not actively trying to lose weight or inches, this is important information for me to have.  I never notice when I'm getting too small and there is a point where it begins to become impossible for me to put weight back on.  Since taking those measurements on December 30th, I've lost another pound and I'm worried that the next pound lost might as well be 5.  Tiny violins?  Probably.  We all have our issues.

This run was so much fun and I got a badass finisher medal.  I'm planning to run another half-marathon at the end of January.  I haven't signed up for it yet, but I hope to take care of that today with the proceeds from my ebay sales.

Happy Hump Day!


  1. Woo-hoo! Congrats!

    I went to the gym yesterday and I haven't been there since......well, sometime in November. So, I needed to go :)

    1. Thanks! One week until half-marathon number 2!

      Are there classes at your gym? If you want to start getting more consistent, try Zumba. I think the fun component will motivate you to go more often. And then you'll make gym friends and they'll keep you in check! Happy New Year!

  2. So awesome! Congratulations on finishing! I feel bad now -- I need to get back to the gym!

    1. Thank you! It was certainly a personal challenge. I'm more of a kickboxing-type girl.

      You look amazing in all your blog photos! I've always been a gym person. I need that place to go where the only distractions are more fitness equipment. :)