Monday, November 5, 2012

Going to Central America

One of my friends is a world traveler.  He goes where the wind takes him.  He & I were talking one day about his next adventure and I told him I was due for a vacation and I would like to go with him.  A week later, I sent him a text telling him I was serious about meeting up with him on his adventure.  Here I sit a month later writing and revising my packing list, buying supplies, and planning our adventures.  And dreaming.  I am dreaming so big.

Imma be in you!
So, what does one pack in a 38L backpack to go out of the country for 30 days?  I literally think about my daily routine every day and make sure if I will need something I use during the day, it's on my list.  It's the basic things that I forget I need to pack:  my antihistamine eyedrops, toilet paper, batteries, etc.  And then there is the issue of the TSA.  I can only take so much liquid.  I can't take a multi-tool/knife combo unless I can stash it in my friend's checked bag.  I wear contacts.  Are my eyes going to bug out of my skull if I wash my hands in gross water and touch my eyeball?  I try not to think about those things and get paranoid.  Instead, I think about all this:
ATM Cave entrance in Belize

Monteverde Cloud Forest Costa Rica

Cenotes in Mexico

Playa del Carmen

Copan Ruinas in Honduras


Semuc Champey in Guatemala
That's enough dreaming for one day!  I have to get back to work so I can pay for this trip!  Leave me a comment or message me at ellelittleblogATgmailDOTcom telling me all your packing secrets.  I'm leaving in just over a month.  Eep!

Happy monday everyone!

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  1. Packing secrets: nylon quick drying underwear -- they take up very little space and you can wash them out each night; TAKE TOILET PAPER EVERYWHERE; hand sanitizer. Have fun!

  2. Sounds splendid.

    (Do you need any travel visas or immunizations?)