Thursday, November 15, 2012

I love silk! (Update on Souvenier Dress)

Picture this, but with silk (for those not in the know, the above picture is Goldmember from the third Austin Powers movie).  Making my souvenier dress is going better than I could have imagined.  I was so worried something would go horribly wrong, but (fingers crossed while knocking on wood) nothing has.  Believe me, I've had a couple hiccups along the way.  Bemberg rayon is my lining of choice.  It is also the biggest PITA to work with.  It wrinkles like nobody's business.  It spots if water gets too close.  Pins leave holes.  Stupid bemberg rayon.  Oh, hiccups, yes.  I might have cut one of the pattern pieces out wrong for the lining.  I'm not sure.  I sewed the dart on and went to pin the pieces together at the shoulder seams and that side was just all wrong.  I threw the piece in the scrap bag and went off to finish what I could before cutting out another lining piece.  Duh!  It's just a lining.  I picked the seams out of the dart, flipped it over, resewed the dart, and called myself a genius.  I rock! 

This should be finished this weekend.  My friend I was supposed to meet up with for Thanksgiving moved away this week and told me his family was going to the mountain house for Thanksgiving.  He & I aren't going to meet up now.  :(  Anyway, here are some progress pictures (I was a mess last night and I was trying not to get stabbed with the tiny silk pins):
It looks a little big right now because the lining isn't sewn in--that will take up a standard 5/8" seam allowance per side--and I only pinned the side seams about 1/4" in or so. 

See the waterspot on my lining?  Grrr.  Stupid iron.  I zig-zag my edges because I don't have a serger.  I want one so bad, but I have bigger financial priorities and life goals, you know?
I'm showing off the pleats here.  This color is so hard to photograph and I'm not the professional photoshop editor-type.  The actual color is somewhere between this color and the color in the pictures above.

I can't wait to show off the finished dress!  I just have to sew the side seams, hem the dresses, attach the lining to the zipper, and hand sew the bottom two inches of the zipper down.  Yay!