Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Keeping busy

Last week was crazy for me!  Obviously it was Thanksgiving here in the US, but there was so much more than just that going on.  First, I had to take a continuing professional education course about 70 miles away.  Second, I started doing the online course as the first step towards the PADI scuba diver certification.  I finished that on sunday after several late nights of reading and studying.  I've been emailing with a dive instructor in Cozumel.  It looks like I'll be getting certified there!  My travel companion and I also picked up a third to go with us.  The other guy lives in Texas and he is a big scuba diver (hence the push for me getting certified).  This guy is a big planner like I am, so he and I are constantly emailing and talking on the phone about our plans.  Communication is good!

And third, I worked the overnight shift at the Gap on Black Friday.  It was madness and so much fun.  It's my one day of retail work every year.  I always meet some great people.  I managed to snag some pretty great deals myself.  I got two half-sleeve shirts, a red long-sleeve shirt, two shelf bra tank tops, and a black boatneck tee, all for under $30!  Woot!  I took advantage of my employee discount. :)  (Looking at the exposure on some of these pictures, I really have to work on that.  I think my white balance is off or something.  I know my camera doesn't like artificial light. It's a work in progress!)

I also zipped over to the Columbia outlet store after my shift ended (at 7am) and scored a really amazing jacket (it's a great green color with blue and lime accents) for under $50 and two pairs of shorts for my trip for $10 each.  I had previously purchased a North Face rain jacket for my trip to Central America, but I wanted to check out Columbia to see if there were better deals to be had.  I dropped the $100 North Face jacket in the mail for returns yesterday, so net shopping expenses on Black Friday--$0.


  1. Overnight shift on black friday is FUN????? Wow, you're either a total badass or a masochist.

    1. It was fun! The people are amazing. Of course, I do the retail thing once a year. Because I choose to work that day, I can be in good spirits about it!