Friday, November 16, 2012

New Look

As soon as I hit publish on my first blog post, I knew I wanted to customize my blog to fit my personality.  It's my blog after all.  I spent just short of an eternitiy yesterday messing around with blogger templates and different settings trying to get something to turn out right.  I thought finding a background would be the hard part.  This ain't no myspace sweetie.  Blogger is hardcore against personalization it seems.  At the end of the day:  Blogger: 1 : ellelittleblog: 1  FYI:  I'm considering this a win.  Suck it blogger!

Since I just personalized the blog, I thought it would be fun to tell you all a bit more about me in Q&A session (except I'm asking my own questions here):
  • How did you come up with your blog name?  I'm going to level with you:  I'm not that creative.  My name starts with an L.  I'm tiny/petite/little/short. And this is a blog.  The elle is two-fold in that I wanted to use part of my name--the L--and have a bit of a play on words--as in "a little blog."  My Pilates instructor starting calling me Little because she just can't get my name straight.  It's a tough one, I understand.  When I finally took the plunge to start the blog, it took me approximately 45 seconds to come up with ellelittleblog.  I like it.
  • What is your occupation?  I am an accountant.  It's a field I fell into, first in high school after I protested being put in an accounting class and later when the receptionist at my firm walked into my previous employer and told me her firm was looking for someone (an accountant, that is).
  • What is your favorite color?  All blue all the time!
  • What do you do for fun?  Pilates, Zumba, drink good beer (bud light, miller light, coors light, and PBR do not pass through these lips), go to the beach, poke around on the internet, do crafty things, bake, cook, play with my dogs, wash my car, go on road trips, walk around in the woods, hang out with friends, and try new local restaurants, among many other things.
  • May I use a picture from your blog?  Sure!  Just please link it back to me!
I'll end the Q&As there for now.  Is there anything you would like to know about me?  Leave me a comment below or email me at ellelittleblogATgmailDOTcom and ask me!

Let me know what you think of the new look!  Is it hard to read?  Too bright? Perfect?  Tell me about it.  Blogging is less fun for me if you can't read what I have to say. Happy Friday and have a fantastic weekend!


  1. I really love the new look.
    What kinds of beers do you prefer? I tend to go for the darker, malty beers (stout, porter), while my husband has a taste for the lighter, hopper beers, like IPA and weissbier.
    (beautysmuse from Rav)

  2. I love stouts and porters too! I live near a place that brews their own beers ( and they always deliver--especially on the porter. Some of my bottled favorites: Left Hand Milk Stout, Sweetwater Happy Ending, Dogfish Head Chicory Stout, New Belgian 1554, and Victory Storm King.

    Off to find and follow your blog now!