Monday, September 9, 2013

FO: Cherry Blossoms Dress

I'm just churning 'em out!  It took me probably 6 hours to put this together, most of which was spent lollygagging about on my day off.  It must have taken me 3 hours to sew on the straps, put in the zipper, and finish the hem.  Craziness.  The hazel is so easy to make, especially since this is my second version and I already identified the adjustments I need.  I'm going to start using the sew weekly format for giving the details of my projects.  I like it!  I also like prints (more than I did a couple weeks ago...)!!

"Cherry Blossoms"
(totally should have shopped that band-aid out...oops)
Just the Facts:
Fabric:  1.5 yards of a quilting cotton from JoAnn's (purchased at the same time as the fabric for my Sew Weekly Reunion project.  Funny how fabric comes in pairs, isn't it?) $7.94
Notions:  Thread, invisible zipper, and interfacing, all from stash $2.00
Pattern:  Colette Hazel
Year:  modern ~2012 I think
Time to Complete:  about 6 hours over two days
First Worn:  September 3, 2013
Wear Again:  Yes!
Total Cost:  $9.94

 My hair is wet.  Deal with it!  This shot provides a decent view of the side seam pockets on this dress pattern.  I am so amazed with how quickly I can put one of these dresses together.  It's 10 pattern pieces and takes such a small amount of fabric.  Colette is just killing me dead with all the awesome.
Another thing that doesn't exactly kill me, but still makes me weirdly happy are pinked edges.  This is what I trimmed off the strap edges.  I used to sit at my grandmother's sewing table and cut paper with her pinking shears when I was a child.  And now I know why those pinking shears don't work as well as they used to.
 Posing for pictures is so weird.  I always manage to look like a giant goofball in at least half the photos!  "Let's see what the oddest way I can think to contort my body looks like!!"  You can't tell from these photos at all, but there are little rainbow thingies on the fabric and I put some of them in different directions than others.  I know exactly how that happens too.  I put the pattern pieces that need to be on the fold face-up on the fabric and some of them really need to be face-down (or I flip my fabric, but that won't happen).
Fabric close-up!
Sorry that one is so blurry.  Self-timer is not my friend.  This photo could pass for a close-up impressionist painting, no?  Maybe a Renoir

You can tell that the straps are just a touch too long.  It's something I just know is going to happen.  My straps seem to grow as the day goes by.  I'll take the straps in about 1/2" before I wear this the next time.

So that's my latest creation.  I'm glad I live in Florida and have a few more months of good weather left this year.  This month, I am really going to push myself to make a draft of the Clover pants and finish making the adjustments to my Laurel shirt.  The fashion fabrics I chose for both of those matches even.  Hooray for a new outfit!

Have a great week, 

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