Tuesday, September 24, 2013

September Stash Enhancement!

I bought some new fabric from fabric.com about a week ago and it finally arrived!  I didn't go too crazy.  I bought three yards of Michael Miller Eiffel Tower in Turf Green and one yard of a stretch lace.  The MM fabric might become a Chantilly or another Colette dress and the lace is to try to recreate my favorite underwear.  TMI?  Not sure.  I buy those underwear in triples because the lace always tears after a couple months.  So annoying.

And on Thursday night, I was gifted with a bunch of other fabrics from a quilter.  Some of the lengths are just too small for me to do much of anything with, as I'm not a quilter.  Some of the other fabrics were decent lengths.   Let's get to the haul.

This green and navy poly blend was 42" or 44" (can't remember).  It's already cut into a Hazel dress.  I just can't get enough of that pattern.  I think this was a 60" fabric, which is why I was able to get so much dress out of so little fabric.  I hope to sew that up this week.

This is actually a BLACK background.  My camera hates black.  There is maybe 1/2 yard here.  It will be a struggle to get anything out of this.  Maybe a tank top?

I think this is 40" of what appears to be a crepe back satin.  I like the dots, but this might have to become pillowcases.

This is a decent length of a poly blend.  I don't remember it having any stretch to it, so this fabric goes into the Danger Zone.  It's another black fabric.

I love this one too.  It's 30" of a home dec fabric.  More pillowcases?

More polyester Danger Zone fabric.  This one even comes with some holes in it.  I do have somewhere in the neighborhood of 52" of this one. 

I think this one was 60" of a polyester "let's pretend this is silk" fabric.  Not sure what this will be.  I might just list it on ebay and hope for the best.
About a yard of a purple dotted knit.  This could be PJs.  We'll see.

Random tiny bits of fabric for more pillowcases.  This is probably what the gifter had in mind with all these fabrics.  I do like the colors.

This is about 54" of knit.  It looks very childish.  I don't know any kids to make PJs for with it.  That's exactly what this fabric reminds me of.

A fancy stretch knit (dance type) fabric.  I could see myself making a slip with some lace detail out of this.

More weird "let's pretend this is silk" polyster taffeta stuff.  I hate taffeta.  I think it's 50" worth.
Getting new fabric is always fun, especially when it's free!  I know I won't be able to use all of it, but even just that green and navy stripe was worth the effort of picking the fabric up!  I got my serger last week and I successfully threaded it and sewed a project on it.  I don't like using the blades.  I might once I figure out the fabric feeding placement, but for right now, those things are lowered. 
I need to get busy sewing!  My fabric tub is overflowing now.  FWP?  It is nice to have a bit of a fabric stash built up because I can think of something I want to make and find something to make it with in the stash.  I also just hate letting that money sit there.  How do you get over that?  I know I have the money when I buy the fabric, so I really should just forget about it.  I just feel like what I bought is being wasted by just sitting there in the bin.  How do you get over the "stash guilt?"


  1. Personally, the "kid" fabric would make fabulous PJ bottoms for me....but that's me. Also, I don't sew. So if the fabric is denim, it probably wouldn't work for PJ bottoms...::sigh::

    1. I just couldn't see myself wearing PJs in that fabric, even if I am just at home. I'm no fashionista; I just have to maintain a certain image, even if just in my mind!