Thursday, September 19, 2013

Pinteresting: with some skates!

I keep seeing "Skater Dress" all over the fashion world.  While the name is new(er), the style certainly is not.  This silhouette has been around since at least the 80s and is reminiscent of the babydoll dress of the 90s.  The style gets it's name from the resemblance to ice skating costumes.
The skater dress is fitted at the waistline and skims over the hips with a full circle skirt.  The hem typically falls from the mid-thigh to just above the knee, although you can also make that skirt longer for modesty (or comfort).
And, most importantly, did you see that skirt?  Maximum twirlability, which means maximum winning for me as twirliness is paramount for me in a good dress/skirt pattern.  I just purchased the lady skater pattern by Amanda of Kitschycoo and I'm pinning style ideas like crazy.
Two fabric version is an easily achievable look.  This skirt is justasmidge too short for me though!
Stripey version is one of my favs.  I love stripes.  They are so interesting.
Knot-front creates a sweetheart neckline.  I added this pin specifically because of that bodice detail. <3
Another simple black version with a shorter skirt.  I prefer this length.

crepe inset makes for a dressy version in red
Where was this dress this summer?  I need one of these.
In sum, I am smitten with the skater pattern.  This is one I can make again and again and one that I can toss in my suitcase and wear over and over on my travels.  I have some Icantevenremember black knit fabric that will be perfect for my first skater.  I have to pick up a some clear elastic stuff and then I can get on it. 
You can make your own skater dress using this pattern that's only about $10!  Leave me a comment and let me know which is your favorite look.

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