Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Fashion Plate: Bathing Beauty

I acquired the bombshell swimsuit pattern as part of the latest perfect pattern parcel and I wanted to highlight the pattern in a fashion plate.  This Bathing Beauty swimsuit is blowing up all over ModCloth.  ModCloth has this suit in pretty much any color you can think up.  While the Bombshell pattern isn't a dead ringer (ModCloth's has a smooth back v. Bombshell's textured back), it's close enough!  I found flipping through FO pics of the Bombshell that even the skirt length looked different on each person.  Some people had a more traditional crotch look going on, while others had way more skirted thigh coverage.  Another pattern option (for a completely different vintage look) is Gertie's pattern put out by Butterick.  Swim fabric was kinda hard for me to source.  I like to find a place that has many colors in one fabric available.  I found Mood fabrics has a dozen colors available including this navy fabric.  

Have you ever gone through the old images on your computer?  I skimmed through today and I found this one.  I kind of love it.  I think I emailed it to my friend years ago.  She was having a terrible day.

Girl in Bed:  "I had a TERRIBLE day."
CrownHead:  "Then WHY are you SMILING?"
Girl in Bed:  "Because the day is OVER and I'm still HERE. . ."
Girl in Bed:  ". . . and that means I WON!"
CrownHead:  "YAY!"

Think about all the ways you are winning every day!  Happy  Tuesday!

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