Friday, July 18, 2014

Pinteresting: With Speculoos!

I went to Trader Joe's for the first (and second) in my life.  I meandered down all the aisles.  I grabbed up cheeses, bread, granola bars, fruit leathers, and of course, speculoos cookie butter.  Now I have to decide what to make with it.  I know, I know.  I could take full advantage of my drawer full of spoons with this cookie butter, but that seems somehow wasteful (waist-full?).  I immediately thought of ice cream and buttercream frosting (not at the same time) and went off to Pinterest to see what inspiration I could find there.  Here's some of what I came up with:


My original plan was actually chocolate cupcakes with cookie butter frosting.  Yummy!
I think I'll stop now before I have to run 10 miles to make up for all the calories in this ooey gooey eye candy.

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