Saturday, July 19, 2014

Houston Happenings

As I mentioned last week, I popped over to Texas for the weekend.  I was mostly there for a half marathon, but I did quite a bit more than that.

This guy was crossing the road at the campground. 

I had a pretty good location to set up camp.  It overlooked most of the park.  It was a pain to get to it and I thought the campground staff was rude.

A flock of ducks hanging out by the fountain pond.

The BBQ area was right next to my tent.  When I got back from the half marathon, these people had taken over.  It was about time for me to eat anyway--slight change of plans in that I would eat somewhere instead of getting an order to go and eat at the picnic table here.

This was delicious.  I wanted pulled chicken, but the place was sold out.  I ended up getting pulled pork and green beans.  The green beans were the MOST DELICIOUS vegetable I have ever encountered.  Unicorn tears, fairy farts, glitter, and bacon.  That's what makes these things good.  The sandwich was bigger than my hand!  Kickin Ash BBQ in Montgomery, TX A++ would eat again.

"On February 21, 1911 (that's my birthday!) around 1:30 in the morning, a fire broke out in the Capitol Drug store on Chambers (today North Main) Street.  The blaze was well underway before it was discovered and Northerly winds began sweeping the flames southeastward toward the railraod tracks.  The volunteer fire department had only one hose cart which was pulled by hand to fight the inferno and the lack of water pressure led to the fight being called off.  The post office, meat market, saloon, grocery store, and masonic lodge were among the businesses caught in the path of the fire as well as the homes of their owners who lived above their stores.  Sixty-five buildings, store inventories, and personal belongings were lost that early February morning, costing and estimate total of $150,000, Over 3.5 million dollars in today's money.  The following business day, the city council created an ordinance requiring buildings to have "fire proof materials the wooden structures.  A year later, the city council voted to amend the ordinance to require buildings to be constructed out of brick and stone.  The 1911 fire in downtown Conroe and the prompt response to its destruction by Conroe residents reflected the resilience of Texans as they settled, struggled, and prospered in Southeast Texas.  Despite the tragedy caused by the fire, the resurrection of stately brick business buildings provides current city visitores with a picture of a bygone era with buildings over a century in age.  It further echoes the town's nickname, "the town that faith built!"

These are a couple of those buildings that rebuilt the town after the fire.

I thought it was really cool downtown had these artsy benches.  Most were painted, but one was bronzed and another was glass-etched.  This one above depicts a bit of Texas history.  Beginning with ranching, adding ease of moving agriculture with the Houston and Great Northern railroad, and finally into oil production.

I think this one is WWI related.  I'm not really sure and I don't know enough about Texas' part in training and such to speak about it.

I was in Conroe to see Hairspray at the local theatre.  The Crighton Theatre has really fabulous architecture and is filled with beautiful antique furniture.  The show was amazing too.  I was wildly impressed with the local talent and the support the community showed the theatre by coming out.  Going to the theatre was a great (and relatively inexpensive) way to spend my Saturday night.  If you live near Conroe, I highly recommend checking this place out.

I went a little crazy with the photo collage thing today.  I took so many photos!  Most of these pictures were from Saturday.  I never even mentioned the half marathon.  Not much to say really.  It was miserable.  I was miserable.  I couldn't stay hydrated during the run.  The worst part?  At the end of my miserable run, I crossed the finish line.  There were no high-fives.  No cheers.  No finisher's medal.  No Gatorade.  Very little food (there were a few small slivers of watermelon left and some bagel quarters).  I was not pleased.  They did email me this, so wooooo.

I still have a whole other day to talk about.  Soon!

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