Monday, July 28, 2014

FO: Lady and the Hounds

Just the Facts:
Fabric: 1 yard of pink cotton interlock from JoAnn's $6.00
Notions: Thread, clear elastic from stash
Pattern: Lady Skater
Year: modern ~2013
Time to Complete:  about 2 hours
First Worn:  July 25, 2014
Wear Again:  yes
Total Cost: $6.00 not including the pattern
  After I finished my Moneta, I lost the sewing mojo.  I didn't feel like making anything.  No projects sounded exciting to me.  It was weird.

I was cleaning and organizing again and I found this remnant of fabric I bought at JoAnn's a while ago.  I could use the same thread color as what I used on the Moneta, so off I went making this dress.  I might do one more pink dress before I change my thread.  Call me lazy if you want.

It looks like I'm picking underwear out of my butt in this photo.  I'm not!

I love this fabric.  It's 100% cotton and has loads of stretch.  The only bad thing about it was that my pins left holes in the fabric and I use silk pins for everything!  I ended up not pinning much after the sleeves were sewn on.

I only had enough fabric for short sleeves on this dress (barely).  This dress is definitely less formal and the short sleeves work.

Not much twirl in this skirt.

I think the best part is the stealthy print. 


The only change I made on this dress from my other versions was to make the neckband in two pieces.  I didn't have enough fabric to cut one long piece, so I measured out what part was the back and what part was the front, added a seam allowance, and cut 2 parts.  I actually think this makes the bodice look much cleaner and I think I will put this change on future versions.  Win.

This dress went together really fast.  The part that took the longest was cutting out the fabric.  When you have just enough, you have to be really careful and deliberate with your pattern placement and cutting.  I like that I can be so thrifty and make it work with very little waste though.  

Annoying hair in face.

This is a very versatile dress.  I wore it to work, then to a beer tasting, then to play goofy golf, then to play pool/billiards, and it never got annoying like some of my other outfits do.  The sleeves stretched out a bit, but that isn't all bad.  My knit sleeves are usually really tight on my triceps and biceps.  It's nice to have some room to move.  That's part of the reason makers make things.

 This photo is very 1920s German lady to me.

I'm leaving for Las Vegas in 9 days!  OMG.  It's coming up so fast.  I have so many decisions to make.  Rent a car at the airport and head straight to the Grand Canyon or get a hotel room for the early morning before heading out?  Where to get a hotel for my other 3 nights?  Should I keep the cheap rental car for an extra day for further sight-seeing?  Decisions.  Decisions.

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