Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Fashion Plate: Work or Playa Shorts

I have almost no gimp skills and it shows.  Fabric.com decided it would be a jerk and not let me clip fabric photos to polyvore.  I use Polyvore to quickly create my sets for these fashion plates.  It probably took at least an hour to make this photo with gimp.  Frustrating.  Hopefully fabric.com will start talking with polyvore again soon.

These Work or Playa shorts from ModCloth reminded me of this statue I saw in Playa del Carmen a while ago.  There's nothing wrong with the base of the statue.  They were constructing a new path and the workers covered the base of the statue up in order to protect it from construction debris. 

I love this jacquard fabric and it's on sale!  The pattern I chose calls for 1 3/8 yards of fabric for all sizes.  I think many of the smaller sizes (0-8 I'm guessing) would take a yard or less.  You can use virtually any shorts pattern for this look.  I chose to feature Colette's Iris pattern because I love Colette patterns and

I hope you like this fashion plate!

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