Thursday, July 3, 2014

Pinteresting for the 4th of July

I love the idea of using food dye (probably Wilton's cake dye over McCormick's) to color the noodles for a festive pasta salad

Here's a manicure you can actually do yourself.  There's a touch of gold glitter polish over the white polish.

This pin takes you to a site with 17 decoration ideas for your party.   I like the printable matchbox labels idea.  Of course everyone needs matches on the 4th!

Have fun and enjoy your family, freedom, food, friends, and fireworks!
 (I was amazed by the smiley face fireworks when I went to the Macy's show in New York years ago.  I think it was the smiley introduction to the show that year and they've been included in bigger and better ways every year since.  Getting off the way back train now--that must have been nearly 20 years ago.  Eep.)

What do you have planned for your holiday celebration?

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