Monday, August 5, 2013

Atlanta Days 2 & 3

Sunday we wandered around Decatur for a bit in the morning.  We stayed at the Super 8 on Church St. in Decatur because I prefer being able to wander in the downtown areas whenever possible.  There is quite a bit to see in Decatur too.  It's a nice town.  It looks like a nice place to live. 

Nice shaded bench in one of the parks.  This park was near Starbucks.

 This was just behind that park.  The MARTA station is underneath.

I think this is Stephen Decatur.  We made friends. 

I told him these were perfect sliding banisters.  They were.  This is one of my best friends, Matthew.

I don't think there is a dead guy under there.  From what I understand, DeKalb died a British POW.  I doubt the British gave him back.

We picked up Some Strange while we were in Atlanta.

That's were the special magic happens at Sweetwater.

Matthew & I, heavily buzzed to say the least.

Decatur Cemetary

It is quite picturesque and EXPANSIVE.

These stairs were a photo op waiting to happen. 

Several Revolutionary War soldiers are buried here.


An entire family plot covered with black-eyed susans.  Perfect.

On the road back to Florida.  I got quite a laugh from this, especially with the drivers we have to deal with in Destin.  Matthew took the picture!

It was a great weekend!  I ate too much.  I drank too much.  I probably spent too much.  But it's nice to get away for a while and Atlanta is close enough that it isn't burdensome to head there for a long weekend.  We laughed on the way out of town on Saturday that we were going the wrong direction!  There was so much traffic the way we were headed at 6am.  People that come to the areas near where Matthew & I live don't understand why we would ever want to LEAVE the area.  Grass is always greener, right?

Have a great week!


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