Friday, August 9, 2013

SW Reunion Project Planning

I went diving in the stash last night and I found a few fabric contenders.  First I have this emerald green cotton from Nicaragua.  (White fabric is because the stupid camera was adjusting the color incorrectly.)

I think it's a good match for this emerald.  Don't you?
I found this poly/rayon blend I picked on clearance somewhere.  It's got quite of bit of stretch (duh) and shine.  Again, not a bad match to the Vivacious below!
I also found a small amount of cotton gauze.  This was a bolt-end I purchased intending to make a shirred beach cover-up.  I think I paid $2.50 for about 1.5 yards.  This could work as a deep lichen, don't you think?
I am loving all the amazing mood boards I've seen on the internet relating to these colors.  I feel like most of the fall palette is my palette.  That's nice!  I'm even in love with the spring palette.  Thanks Pantone!
What's your color palette?  Are you participating in the sew weekly reunion?  Let me know in the comments below!  Have a great weekend and happy sewing,


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