Wednesday, August 7, 2013

WIP: Colette Laurel

I like this always having something to post thing.  It's working for me!  My latest sewing project is the Colette Laurel.  I bought the pattern the day it was released, but wasn't really inspired to make anything with it for a while.  There's the not knowing if a shift dress would look good on me part, the multiple failed Sobettos part, the I'm busy with other things part, etc that kept me from giving this pattern a try.  Now that I have several more Colette Patterns under my machine belt, I should be able to tackle all the adjustments I need to make to this.  It could become my tried and true top pattern if I get it right.
There are a bunch of adjustments I need to make on this.  First, my broad shoulders are pulling this top in all the wrong directions.  I'll have to make a "wide" shoulder adjustment.  I'm pinning tutorials like crazy to figure out exactly how I want to do this.

Second, the bust dart is in the wrong place.  So wrong.  I'll have to fix that.  Third (and I may end up with more than three adjustments at the end of it), look at how tight those sleeves are.  I don't know if the shoulder adjustment will make this sleeve issue right, but it certainly isn't okay in my first draft.
I normally have the same problems in RTW.  Wovens and I just don't get along.  If you ever meet me in person, I will likely be wearing a T-shirt.  Refrew, here I come (one day)!

Back to pinterest for me!  Happy sewing,

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