Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fashion Plate: Diner Delight Dress

Make This Look: Diner Delight Dress

I love houndstooth and I think this Michael Miller fabric is so classy! There are lots of colors available in the basics collection if the red sells out. The good thing is that this fabric is regularly stocked and reorderable, so check around if you can't wait for it to come back in stock from fabric.com. I've chosen Simplicity 2444 again for the sillouhette of the dress.  ModCloth's Diner Delight Dress does have a waistband.  That detail is easy enough to add on your own.  I was going to order the MM fabric in teal, but there's only 1 yard left!  Sad panda.

Hopefully it will be back in stock soon!

Any ModCloth items you want to challenge me to find fabric and patterns for?  Link 'em to me!

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