Wednesday, October 23, 2013

(Pattern) Stash Enhancement

I keep a list on my phone of patterns I like while I'm reading blogs.  It's always ready when JoAnn's is having pattern sales.  I bought a bunch of patterns over the last couple weeks and I'll probably pick up some McCall's patterns tomorrow during the 99¢ sale.
Butterick 5930 has princess seams, a faux-wrap style, and a collar.

Simplicity 2146 has princess seams, 4 sleeve options, and 2 neckline options.

Simplicity 2648 has princess seams, two bodice options, and two sleeve options.  You can also choose between a tab and a belt front.

Simplicity 1801 has a knee and maxi length and a couple sleeve options.  Not for knits though, despite the surplice dress look.
Simplicity 1666 has a dress, skirt, and peplum top pattern, as well as a tote.  Lisette patterns are made by the same designer of the Oliver + S patterns.  I wish I was close enough to small children to sew cute things for them.  Eh. Who am I kidding?  I'm too selfish for that nonsense.

Simplicity 1606 has princess seams and a circle skirt. Optional lace overlay, halter, or high neck bodice.
This is New Look 6020 (not on sale below the standard $3.99 price), which has three neckline options, a belt, and a clutch.  I just had to have this one.  I love the neckline options, especially D.

Simplicity 2337 has front and sleeve variations.  I'm not digging the gathered sleeves, but I love the gathered front.

Butterick 5932 is PJs.  I made the tank/dress version A already.  It needs to be less cold outside, so I can take photos of it.  
Butterick 5953 is a fitted wrap dress with a back godet and side front button closure.

Butterick 5882 has a close-fitting boned bodice with princess seams and a bias pleated bra and straps.

Butterick 5814 is the Joan Holloway wiggle dress.  Seriously.  The season 4 (I think) Mad Men poster has Joan in a dress just like this.  Thanks for the dress, Gertie.

Speaking of Gertie. . . I finally got her book!  

I've only read to page 34 so far, but I'm so in love with it!  I read several not so stellar reviews on this book, but I had to give it a go myself.  It has so much information in it.  The techniques section is amazing.

This is just two pages of fabric descriptions--there's more!  I love this illustration.

The size chart is a little weird.  I think I'm a "5" according to this and my high bust measurement.  I'm not sure which cup size these patterns are written for, but I imagine I will read something about that in the book.  I always get confused on the hip measurement too.  My butt is at least 2" bigger than my actual hips.  Should I make the size that's bigger to match my butt, or is that largely irrelevant if there is a skirt involved?  There are so many of these things I just have to learn.  I was working on the Clover pants (yes, still!) and I keep going back and forth between what size to make.  I think I'm just going to have to go with it and hope for a wearable muslin.  These actual muslins are getting old.

Gertie shows the innards of most of the garments in the book.  I think that's so important, especially when you are teaching couture.  I want to see your silk organza and horsehair.  You are telling me it's important for reason XYZ, yet you leave the reader open to interpret shortcuts taken by the sewer by not showing the inside.  I want to see what the insides look like!

Here's the pattern envelope and the pattern pages.  The patterns are printed double-sided on a fairly thick paper.  This is another something I've read negative things about.  I actually LOVE the thicker paper.  This will be so much easier for tracing.

There are only 5 folded pattern pages in my book, so hopefully they're all there! I spent a big chunk of Saturday tracing patterns.  I don't think I'll have any pattern tracing mojo for a while, which is perfectly fine by me.  I need to get reading!

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