Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I'm not naming names. . .

I'm still trying to come up with a different name for my weekly series about copying a style.  I've been calling it "Make this Look" because that's the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the first dress I knew I could copy.  Here's what I've come up with so far:
  • Crafting Fashion
  • You Can Make This
  • Steal this Style
  • Style Hacks
  • Looking Good in Stitches
  • Designer Duds DIY
  • Copycat Crafts
  • Crafting Fashion
  • Creating Couture
  • Adapt this Style
  • Hack this Look
It's been really difficult to come up with something unique.  I came up with "Crafting Fashion" thinking this was THE ONE!  Nope.  It's taken.  "You Can Make This"  Nope.  "Steal this Style" probably not because, again, this exists in several different iterations.  I don't love many of the other names I came up with for one reason or the other.  I'm not showcasing anything couture, it's not crafts, just copycat designs, etc ad infinitum. 

Naming things.  Why you so hard??/?  I was getting a bit discouraged that when I come up with something brilliant, someone else is already using it.  I guess that's a sign it wasn't that brilliant,  huh?

And I was feeling all kinds of sorry for myself until I thought about these:

You would pick an outfit and rub the colored pencil over the plate to get different looks.  Different patterns.  Different style ideas.  That's basically what my series formerly known as Make this Look is doing.  I give you the tools you need to recreate a certain fashion.  Just like a Fashion Plate.

From wikipedia:  A fashion plate is an illustration (a plate) demonstrating the highlights of fashionable styles of clothing. Fashion plates are not depictions of specific people, but are instead generalized portraits, meant only to dictate the style of clothes that a tailor, dressmaker, or store could make or sell, or to show how different materials could be made up into clothes.

As of today, my design hacks are going to be called Fashion Plates.  And I'm kind of excited about this.  I've also created a tumblr.  You can find my blog there as  It's quite primitive so far, as I need to figure out how to work that site.  I'm just going to be linking from here to there, so if you are already following my blog, you won't miss anything!  :)  It will take me a little while to retag and repost and all that jazz, but you will be seeing Fashion Plates regularly in the future!

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