Thursday, October 3, 2013

Pinteresting: With some Costumes

I listed nearly all my old Halloween costumes on ebay last week, so I've taken to Pinterest to find inspiration for this year.  I'll hopefully have some money to spend on a new costume, or, better yet, come up with a crafty idea to make my own.  I used an LBD and about $5 in supplies to make my costume last year.  I was a black widow spider.  It was a piece of felt from the fabric store ($0.35), a hair comb ($3 for 8), a package of spider webbing ($1.97), and some black tulle ($1).  I think it was my best cosume so far and it cost me almost nothing--perfect because I was going to drop a few grand on a vacation a month later.  Anyway...on to the costumes.

Love the honey badger
Wonder if I could find this in football version?

You may be looking at my Halloween costume right here.  I could totally pull this off.
This pin has 29 DIY costumes for adults.  This one is my favorite!
My mom is a huge fan of Halloween.  She dresses up every day in October.  I think that's too much like work, but she enjoys it.  What are you wearing for Halloween? Let me know in the comments!

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