Monday, October 14, 2013

Montgomery Trip

I always seem to fall behind on posting about the trips I take.  I went to Montgomery, AL about 3 weeks ago just to check out the town.  Ryan had a class up there and the hotel was covered, so it was a matter of taking a day off work and driving 3 hours to get there.  NBD.  I had never been to Montgomery before.  Sure, I drove to it to get on I65/85 to go other places, but I never stopped to see what Montgomery had to offer.  It turned out to be a fun way to spend the day.  Here are some photos:

First stop (after lunch, of course) was the river!  We found a dinner cruise boat. . .

. . . and some stairs that I had to take my picture with.  The silos were storage (obvs) for grain as it waited for the next boat to come take it away.  You can maybe possibly make out the measuring stick thing in the left of the photo.  It marks the high water line.

So basically all of Montgomery was underwater during the flooding on February 26, 1961 at 58' 1."

I needed to play in the fountain.  Those jets were powerful!  Ryan said, "curtsey or something!!"  And I did.

He got soaked trying to look badass and standing between the jets.

He was not happy about getting wet in the fountain, but I convinced him he would be thanking me later as the water kept him cool while we were wandering.  FYI:  He did thank me later.

These flags represent all the countries Montgomery/Alabama were ruled by over time.  And the state flag of Alabama, of course.

Ryan posed for this one.  A rare moment.  The pavilion thingy houses 6 (or 8?) plaques of the most influential people in Montgomery history.

Ryan was doing this a lot during the day.  It was Friday and he was technically "at work."  He had to take bunches of calls from clients.

Outside of the capitol building.  This was totally unposed and more looking like a badass.  Speaking of badass, he got new sunglasses the other day and he looks like the T-1000 from Terminator 2.

I like getting friendly with marble statues.

All the trees outside of the capitol have some sort of historical significance.  "This walnut tree is the grandson of this other tree that George Washington stood under. . ." and the like.

Monument thingy outside the capitol.

Dude with a musket? 

The one where Ryan's chest is bigger than mine.  This is the capitol's dome/rotunda.  It's really pretty in person!
Ryan is giving his closing argument.

Being the judge

The house room

Decorative painted ceiling

The front of the capital.  And look!  It was just 3pm when we were there.

I had to see the corner where Rosa Parks was arrested.

The Troy Trojan

Ryan wanted a Hank Williams t-shirt.  The options were slim and we walked out empty-handed.  But not before partaking in the photo op first! (I should have cropped this one a bit, but it's late and I'm tired and lazy.)

Ryan was not into the cemetery thing at all.  He was there because I wanted to wander the cemetery.

He instantly perked up (as much as one can at a cemetery) when I turned around and pointed out rows upon rows of gravemarkers in perfect alignment.  There were so many unknown gravemarkers.

Over 750 Confederate States Army soldiers are buried here.  Row upon row upon row.

This tree has a personality.  It looked like an old woman when I took the photo, but now it looks like something else.  I imagine I will see something different every time I look at it.

Stained glass inside the crypt.  I love the reflections on the sides.

This is probably my favorite picture of the day.  The tree grew into the fence.  The roots look like fingers that are gripping the plot and keeping the remains safe.  And then there's that fog.  It's eerie and comforting at the same time.  I just love it.

That's all there was to the adventure.  We had a bit of a Breaking Bad Marathon in the hotel/apartment.  I made pancakes and bacon for breakfast and set off all three smoke detectors.  I mean, Really??  Why do you need 3 smoke detectors in a hotel room?  I'm totally doing a Seth & Amy right now.  And we played a little bit of basketball in the hanger-turned-gym.  Ryan is great at basketball.  Me?  Not so much.  It was a fun getaway and I hope to have many more short trips in the future.  Who am I kidding?  I'll have loads more short trips in the future.  :D

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