Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Random Hump Day Happy

I added 3 new Colette Patterns to my collection:  Ceylon, Jasmine, and Iris.  Someone else was destashing them, so I got them for a really great price.  Win-Win.

I cut the bodice for my Lady Skater dress on Sunday and stitched most of it up last night.  It's a teal/emerald/pacific/whatever blue-green interlock I picked up at JoAnn's.  I'm basically in love with the way this t-shirt fits right now and I think I'll make up several more Lady Skaters sans skirt.
I could only find 3/8" clear elastic, so I just let it hang off the edge a little bit.  I'm cool with that.  I am trimming the extra as I go along.
I totally forgot I even had a serger when I went to sew on the neckband, but I did remember to serge the sleeves!  I'm so happy I splurged on the serger.  I'm quite happy with it.  Speaking of:  Do you know of any tried & true patterns or tutorials I can make using only my serger?  I need to learn it better and I think that's the perfect way to do it.

More fabric from JoAnn's.  This was on clearance.  It's a little more than a yard and I think it's loads of fun.  It's a bit juvenile, but I don't care!   I'm going to try to make a fun shirt with it.  I can pair it with a solid skirt and look adorable (which is exactly the look I go for some days!).

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